Wimbledon Village Badge
Quick facts:
  • Wimbledon is home to the UK’s first Buddhist temple, Buddhapadipa Temple
  • Average house price: £690,000+
  • Transport: Tube, Bus, Tramlink, Rail

Wimbledon is an iconic area of London, mostly recognised for its strong legacy in tennis. 

The residents have money to spend, want to find ways to entertain themselves around the area which is perfectly suited to their cultural and entertainment needs.

Wimbledon’s split between town and village also means there is a constant supply of leisure activities to choose from.

Well Heeled

Well Heeled All Eyes on London

Collectively representing the most valuable audience types in London, this premium selection of villages epitomise the lifestyle and living opportunities that many of us aspire towards. These areas have been well established for some time, populated by both old and new money. Inhabitants are 8 times more likely to earn £150,000+ a year than the national average.

The types of careers these villagers hold are very much positions of power. Leafy roads with spacious housing leading to large parks and open spaces means house prices in these areas can value at over a million pounds.

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