Brixton Village Badge
Quick facts:
  • Electric Avenue in Brixton was given its name as it was the first market street to be lit with electricity
  • Average house price: £460,000+ 
  • Transport: Tube, Bus, Rail

The vibrancy and energy of the area has attracted young Londoners to this part of the city south of the river. 

The area has adapted to serve the needs of these newer residents with foodie heaven, Brixton Village, and plenty of gastro pubs and bars for night life entertainment.

The impressive transport options linking both Overground and Underground means it’s a prime spot for commuting into the city.

Urban Gentry

Urban Gentry All Eyes on London

The people living in these regenerated areas have grown up with the villages they live in. Now fully gentrified, these areas have attracted a younger audience looking to settle down.

These areas, often epitomised by a high street of mainly upmarket chain restaurants, a smattering of independently owned spaces and retail stores, have attracted a young sociable that spend a lot of time out of home. The inhabitants are twice as likely as the national average to have an income of £70k+ which is spent on expensive holiday villas abroad, good quality food and stylish homewares.

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