Well Heeled

Well Heeled All Eyes on London

Collectively representing the most valuable audience types in London, this premium selection of villages epitomise the lifestyle and living opportunities that many of us aspire towards. These areas have been well established for some time, populated by both old and new money. Inhabitants are 8 times more likely to earn £150,000+ a year than the national average.

The types of careers these villagers hold are very much positions of power. Leafy roads with spacious housing leading to large parks and open spaces means house prices in these areas can value at over a million pounds.

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Urban Gentry

Urban Gentry All Eyes on London

The people living in these regenerated areas have grown up with the villages they live in. Now fully gentrified, these areas have attracted a younger audience looking to settle down.

These areas, often epitomised by a high street of mainly upmarket chain restaurants, a smattering of independently owned spaces and retail stores, have attracted a young sociable that spend a lot of time out of home. The inhabitants are twice as likely as the national average to have an income of £70k+ which is spent on expensive holiday villas abroad, good quality food and stylish homewares.

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Generation Next

Generation Next All Eyes on London

Young, urban and hip – these neighbourhoods are on the cusp of being the next big thing. As those who are on the first rung of the career ladder move in, so do the industrial looking minimalist coffee shops, pop up speakeasy bars and sartorial fashion boutiques. 

Priced out of the Urban Gentry areas, the inhabitants of the Generation Next collection of villages are twenty something, cool and creative attracted by diverse neighbourhoods but also excellent transport links to get them in and out of Central London.

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